Erin Marcus speaking to a large group of realtors

How to Turn Negative Conversations Into Positive Results

Customer complaints, collecting money, correcting employee problems and handling conflict are every day occurrences in most businesses. These negative conversations can be turned into positive results when you know what to say and how to say it.

From Erin you will learn how to turn conflicts into conversations. Those conversations will improve understanding and lead to positive results. She will also teach you how to keep confrontation from turning personal and allow you to move to resolution much faster and maintain the relationship at the same time.

This presentation is perfect for leaders, sales people, business owners and every employee who interacts with customers.


Six Steps to Conquering the Conversation

Looking for a conversation fix? Erin will help you improve sales, customer service and employee relations in one fell swoop! Your audience will discover:

  • The awareness to what they’ve previously done automatically - now they can do with intention.
  • How being able to have a comfortable conversation about money can mean the difference between growing a business and going out of business.
  • How to turn confrontation into conversation, to improve your connection with anyone.
  • How to get their teams focused on playing the game so the business owner can stop playing referee.
  • How to stop avoiding difficult conversations that force you to react to what is going on instead of responding to it or even planning for it.


You Can't See How To Make Money Through A Dirty  Window

Through all of Erin's work with clients, one issue rises to the top over and over again preventing success: Clarity! The businesses that figure this out are the ones who don't have to worry about competing on price or getting lost in a crowded marketplace.

Often conducted as a workshop, audiences will leave with the outline for creating clarity in the business they want to build, how to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and how to speak to their clients in a ways that foster closer connections.

    Making Hard Conversations Easy ... The Practical Steps

    If your audience has already done all the mindset work on themselves - understanding why communication is important, developing the desire to communicate clearly and effectively, and looking within themselves to determine their biases and ingrained communication habits… this presentation will help them with the practical steps to broaching difficult topics and actually have the conversations that most people shy away from.

    In this presentation, Erin will share her 10 Real-Life Tips to master the art of difficult conversations… so your attendees will feel empowered and able to handle whatever discussions come their way.

    Erin was professional, funny, and very informative … She understands the nuances and emotional issues that are part of any discussion. I recommend her without hesitation.

    Lisa Kaplin
    Psy. D., PCC

    I loved Erin’s workshop! It was a great atmosphere with many real-life experiences shared by Erin and people in the audience. The content was informative, relatable, and fun. Everything could be applied to multiple business situations and personal situations too! After her workshop, I immediately emailed the people in my women’s group to recommend her for our next retreat. Thank you!

    Amy Clark
    Community Engagement Leader, Chicago Region

    Erin is a pleasure to work with, a thoughtful collaborator and a talented speaker. […] Erin has an easy, comfortable style that enables her to relate to diverse audiences on every level, both professional and personal.

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