Having Seemingly Impossible Conversation in Business (Video Series)

Business owners lose money and suffer through unnecessary problems because of their aversion to having difficult conversations. Team members suffer through poor job satisfaction and produce less than they’re capable of doing because they don’t know how to communicate their dissatisfaction in a way that would solve their frustrations. What should be no more then little bumps in the road turn into major potholes because of minor communication problems.

Having Seemingly Impossible Conversation with Your Aging Parents (Video Series)

In my years owning a small business in Chicago helping seniors through the downsizing process, I’ve watched dozens, if not hundreds of families go through more chaos then they needed to all because nobody wanted to have the uncomfortable conversations surrounding the needs of aging loved ones. All because they didn’t know how to talk to each other.

Conversations Every Child Must Have With Their Aging Parent:  Talking About the End is Only the Beginning

Fear of your parents reactions, confusion over what to even be talking about, the normal challenges of family dynamics and the overwhelm of also having to worry about raising your own family all keep you from having these important conversations.
This book is for you.