Meet Erin

Long before honing her skills as a communications expert, Erin had been having seemingly impossible conversations on a regular basis.

Erin’s experience combines street-smart upbringing, formal education and real world business:

  • Chicago Public Schools (and everything you’re picturing associated with that)
  • B.S. in Journalism – it’s not just about communicating, it’s about discovering and understanding
  • MBA with focus on leadership – how to help people achieve goals and move forward
  • Former SVP business development for a national company – big deals, big conference rooms – big audiences
  • Small business owner – wearing all the hats: sales, marketing, customer service and employee relations

Unlike most speakers who may teach on a particular topic, for Erin, connecting, not just communicating is a way of life.

One of the common themes is no matter how difficult the topic, how bad the news or how it may have gone directly against what the other person wanted and felt, the goal is to never end with animosity or hostility.

Her approach has always been to be respectful; to be caring. The goal is always to help not hurt. To build up, not tear down.

And as she will tell you, her thoughts have always been, who am I helping if I DON’T have these conversations? Nobody.

Why Hire Erin

You want someone who doesn’t just talk about “it” but has done “it” themselves in a variety of businesses and can teach other people how to do “it” too!

Erin interviewed top state politicians as a 19-year old journalist so she’s been having “tough talks” for a long time. Her experience also includes brokering the relationships between some of the most “old fashioned” industries in our country – banking and insurance. She has had to fire beloved employees due to changes in business structure and mentor young employees on appropriate business behavior and attire.

She’s also helped seniors who had been in their homes for over 50 downsize into one-bedroom apartments and there certainly is barely a more difficult conversation than what is involved with that!

If you can think of a difficult business conversation – odds are Erin has been involved in one like it.

You need to get communication instruction from a communication expert, not from someone who has had success in a specific industry and now “also has” expertise in this area.

Just because someone has done well with sales or marketing, does not mean they can teach your people how to communicate effectively. And just because someone did well in their industry, does not mean they can help your people improve the results of their communications with their employees. Erin improves upon the sales/customer service/employee programs you’ve already invested in – she’s not asking you to start again with yet another plan of attack.

Clients and Audiences Include:

Erin, Thanks again for your program on having difficult conversations. The work we did on understanding our own communication tendencies and recognizing others has changed my entire approach to client conversations and sales.

Financial Advisor, Thrivent Financial

Thank you for your program and assistance about having difficult conversations. It was a lot of fun and very informative. Bringing my whole team to the presentation has really made a difference in how effectively we are able to communicate with each other. ……And thanks for the specific advice on some of the more complicated issues I was dealing with.

Karen Sanders
Owner, Sanders IT Consulting

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