Does any of this sound like you?

You know you’re working hard but your bank account doesn’t reflect the effort you’re putting in. You’ve got your business off the ground but you’re not getting to that “next level” you know in your gut is possible. You work hard but end your day feeling you have even more to do then when you started that morning! You know you’re good at what you do and you really want to help people but you’re just not getting enough of them to buy.

Take advantage of Erin’s education, experiences and expertise and let her guide you to finding freedom, power and unlimited success in your business.

12-month program includes a 3-hour VIP day.

6-month program also available.


You get:

  • 90-day actionable and maintainable Business Success Blueprints to grow your business
  • Customized tracking and tweaking to stay on course and gain advantage
  • Copywriting and messaging support guaranteed to get you more of your ideal clients
  • Exclusive support – only 20 private clients accepted per year
  • 2 Power Success sessions each month:
    • Focus to move forward faster
    • Secrets to more immediate results
    • The accountability to get where you want to go in record time
    • How to say what you do so people actually buy from you
    • How to overcome anything standing in your way
  • Gain clarity, focus, the ability to make decisions and take action for instant improvement
  • Help you with the motivation to go farther faster than you can even imagine


This is for you if:

  • You’re ready. Ready to take the next step. Ready to make more money. Ready to stop struggling.
  • You’re committed. Committed to taking action. Committed to moving forward.
  • You’re excited. Excited about what you can accomplish. Excited about building the business you KNOW you can have if you can just figure out how.

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Thank you for your program and assistance about having difficult conversations. It was a lot of fun and very informative. Bringing my whole team to the presentation has really made a difference in how effectively we are able to communicate with each other. ……And thanks for the specific advice on some of the more complicated issues I was dealing with.

Karen Sanders
Owner, Sanders IT Consulting

Erin, Thanks again for your program on having difficult conversations. The work we did on understanding our own communication tendencies and recognizing others has changed my entire approach to client conversations and sales.

Financial Advisor, Thrivent Financial

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