Making Hard Conversations Easy – Part 2

In my last post about making hard conversations easy (or at least easier), I talked about using humor and telling stories as two approaches that can help when discussing challenging subjects; here are two more tips for you! Check Your Intentions This is a big one. And actually one that is very difficult to master…

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Making Hard Conversations Part 3

n the first two parts of this series, I’ve given you several tips on how to approach the difficult and often uncomfortable conversations regarding the future of your aging parents. We’ve gone over using humor, telling stories and how to really look into your true intentions. Today I have a few more tips for you…

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Who Do You Choose?

Let’s assume you have a health care power of attorney (POA) nicely in place – all your legal ducks nicely in a row. Who is it? What have you talked to them about? In my family we are currently – and unfortunately – going through age-related health problems with three family members. One is a…

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